Done Drinking Wobbles onto the iPhone

We knew it wouldn’t take long before the drinking games made their way to our sacred (*insert laugh or bad joke here) iPhone. After all, the burping and flatulence games are already so popular. Done Drinking is a novelty game that tests your ability to stay upright after a fictional character’s night of drinking. The app uses the tilt function of the handset in conjunction with left and right buttons to test just how far a user can get in feet or kilometers. The object is simple even if the premise of the game might ruffle a few people’s feathers.

The graphics in Done Drinking are well thought out and visually appealing. The music is perfect. It’s silly and absurd and everything you’d expect from a game about a tipsy walk.

Done Drinking is a relatively fun app. The concept is different and it’s not difficult to play. There were a few points that that could help the gaming experience. First, users like options. Currently, there is only one character. The ability to change characters would definitely add to the gaming experience and potentially prolong it. Even more fun would be the ability to change your theme or environments. Challenging your guy or gal to stroll through the rain, or snow could increase game difficulty and the sheer comedy would be invaluable. Toss in some obstacles to dodge or step around and then we’re cooking.

At the moment the largest obstacle Done Drinking has is keeping users around for more than a minute or two. There just doesn’t appear to be enough content in the game to keep users interested for very long. Play is limited. As soon as you’ve fallen down three times it’s game over, which also just about coincides with the time you want to say “phone off!”

Ah well, at least it’s free which is more than we can say about a night spent bingeing at the local bar.

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