Galactic Invaders Take Over the World

The aliens have arrived! Break out the semi-automatic infrared laser beam shots and fire. Galactic Invasion is an arcade style game where aliens pour out of gigantic spacecraft trying to invade the world. The goal of Galactic Invasion is to keep their numbers small and don’t let them get past you. If they overtake you, game over.

If you’re already thinking this sounds a lot like Blackbeard’s Assault you’re correct. The games do operate in a similar fashion. But as much as they appear to be similar on a very basic level they are in fact very different.

Galactic Invasion is an arcade adventure game where you save the world from the invaders. For every alien that you kill you will earn points and money to buy new weapons. Strategize with your weapons because this it your best way to eliminate them. You can buy weapons a large range of weapons: Photon Laser, Anti-Matter Canon, Meteor Gun, and X9 missiles. The fancier the weapon the more it’s going to cost you. So you‘ll want to make sure that you kill as many aliens as possible to earn as much money as possible.

The graphics in Galactic Invasion are cute, and the sound isn’t bad. In fact, the sounds in this game are pretty good. Controlling the game can be a bit of a pain in the neck. Shooting and moving feel slow and the weapon speed feels terrible sometimes. Galactic Invasion’s alien nemesis don’t’ move in a hurry either.

What saves Galactic Invasion is the ability to get more weapons, something noticeably missing from so many arcade games. It would be even better if a future edition included a multi-player option. Competition is always a great way to pass the time in person or online. Additional weapons would be a nice touch and would probably keep us entertained a little longer.

Galactic Invasion is relatively easy to use and challenging. It’s the kind of game that will keep those from 12 and older on their toes and pretty busy.

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