HappyHour Tastes Great, More Filling

With more than 9,000 drink recipes, HappyHour has to be the largest database of drink recipes available in one iPhone app. Of course quantity isn’t everything, there’s more to making a good cocktail app than stuffing it full of recipes. HappyHour deliciously delivers the goods in most areas.

First on the checklist of must-haves is variety. We’ve already established that HappyHour has the other apps beat when it comes to the shear volume of drink options. You could have a different drink every day for nearly 25 years and never have the same drink twice. It makes me thirsty just thinking about it!

Of course, with this many drink recipes navigation becomes an issue. Taking a cue from apps like UrbanSpoon, HappyHour solves the navigation dilemma by using a slot-machine interface that allows users to lock in a category or two and still be treated to a taste of destiny.

Click the drink shaker below each category to lock in your preference for liquor, mixer or drink style, then shake your device to see what HappyHour suggests. If you don’t like the suggestion, shake again for a new drink or tap “show me more” to see a list of drinks that meet your criteria. Tap the drink name to read the complete recipe.

I’m always looking for an answer to the question “What should I drink?” HappyHour is the perfect app to have along when I’m in the mood for vodka, but can’t decide what to drink. Now, instead of a phone call to my bartending friend in Detroit, I just give a quick shake and I’ve got my answer.

The only downside about HappyHour is that it doesn’t include any pictures. Adding photos of the cocktails would be the cherry in my spiked soda. I’m sure it’s a size issue. It’s likely that 9,000 photos would slow down HappyHour too much. I guess, if I’m going to take a spin with my drink destiny, then I can be brave enough to do it without a picture.

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