Twittelator Pro Nearly Perfect For Serious Messaging

Twittelator Pro offers an incredible amount of features all in one Twitter app. If you are looking for one application to handle all your twittering needs it would be hard to go wrong with this app. Yet a few glitches keep it from being the “perfect 10” that it is capable of.

The User Interface is probably going to attract some and turn off others. I found better designs in some of the free apps I tried. The good news is if you don’t like what you see there is some freedom to customize the color scheme. The bad news is no matter what you select, when firing up the app the original dark purple border scheme appears for a few seconds before switching to the customized color you selected. A bit annoying, and hopefully a bug that can be fixed in a future update.

The strengths of Twittelator Pro lie in the functions that are not available elsewhere. Including a feature that  Apple’s engineers have yet to deliver on the iPhone — copy and paste. Yes, that’s right, by tapping and holding on the screen you can copy the text from one tweet and then past it into another. Once you have selected text, then press a small glue bottle icon on the right-hand side of the screen to insert the words.

Each tweet can also be geo-tagged and include a picture. A small preview of the image also appears on the right, though by just that alone it would be hard to judge the picture’s quality. The loading is a bit slow if taking a picture from within the app and then attaching to a tweet. Twittelator Pro also allows attaching a picture stored on your iPhone.

Much of the feature set is very useful once you play around with it for a bit. For example, when scrolling messages tap an arrow to automatically scroll. Also, tweets from the same user are linked together for easier viewing. A tap of a star icon will mark a tweet as a favorite. And you have the option of viewing messages based on a variety of categories. The entire twitterverse is available, including any subgroups or friends that you want to create or categorize.

While it worked fine for me, the icons may be a bit of a pain to tap if you have larger fingers or don’t like straining to make out which icon is which. And despite the customization, the interface was not as smooth as some of the other free apps. If you are a casual twiterrer, a free app like the free version of Twittelator, Twitterific, or Twitterfon will probably be fine. But if it is features galore you are looking for, then Twittelator Pro is the one.

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