WordsWorth is a New Wrapper for a Familiar Game

WordsWorth is another one of those word games that everyone seems so fond of these days. Similar to other word finding games, Wordsworth involves using letters from the hexagons on the screen and connecting them in a chain-like manner to create a word.

Once you create a word, you get points and the word disappears. Then, new hexagons drop with new letters allowing to you create an endless amount of words. The main object of WordsWorth is to score as many points as your can. Each letter has a specific value to it. Vowels gives you 0 points followed by 1 point for the most used letters in the alphabet, all the way up to 3 for the rarest letters such as Z, J, X, and the Qu hexagon tiles.

When you start WordsWorth the menu comes up with a freaky looking man holding a stack of books — each books acts as a button. The menu has Play Game, Wall of Wow (a fun title for wall of fame), Settings, Help, and About.

The very first time you open up the iphone app, the help page comes up. The help page shows you how to create lines in chains. You can either click on each letter and click submit or drag from letter to letter and it submits when you lift your finger. It also shows what everything on the game screen means as well as the special hexagons that come up during the game.

The setting page gives you the all-important sound toggle and option for setting the minimum word length, the grid size, amount of scrambles per level, and the type of word list that you want to use. And if you leave a game while you are playing the game automatically saves and allows you to resume, if you would like, next time you want to play.

WordsWorth is fine. It’s a newly designed wrapper for a what is quickly becoming an iPhone standard, the mix-and-match-word-making puzzle challenge.

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